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Welcome to the Staff College Drag Hunt

If you have any questions, please contact our friendly Drag Hunt Secretaries

Sophie Gregory & Tamara Sear

Sophie 07798 588363

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Tamara 07730 592200

For any urgent hounds / kennels matters, please contact our Huntsman Gary Thorpe 07747 131814

Latest News...

Hound Sponsorship 2023/24 Season 

Would you like to sponsor one of our hounds this season?  It's a vital part of fundraising for the drag hunt.  All  monies raised go towards the hounds yearly upkeep and enables us all to enjoy following the pack.  As well as a sponsorship pack including a mounted photo of your hound, sponsors will have the opportunity to visit the kennels in the Spring and have the enjoyment of getting to know their hound as it works at our many meets.

When our new Huntsman Gary Thorpe joined us at the start of this season, he brought with him 4 1/2 couple of hounds.  They include Bingo, Brandy, Teacher, Poldark, Patchwork, Mongoose, Lester, Landlord and Goshawk.  They are also available to sponsor!  Check out our 'At the Kennels' page, see link below, to see photos of all our hounds.

A full years sponsorship is £55.  Please email Kathy Tuggey with the name of the hound you'd like to sponsor at

242238126_234563065291099_3581719789518574741_n (1).jpg

Puppy Show 25th June 2023 

Sunday's puppy show was an absolute scorcher - but what a fantastic day.  We were delighted to welcome Major Alexander Bathurst and James Chadwick MBH of the Hamilton Bloodhounds to judge both our 2023/24 entry, as well as our older hounds going to the Great Yorkshire Show.  A number of our followers and RMAS residents were in attendance, whilst our puppy walkers looked-on eagerly to see how 'their' hounds performed!

Our fun dog show was a huge success, with rosettes awarded to best gun dog, terrier, prettiest bitch, handsomest dog, and waggiest tail!


A huge thank you from the Directors and Masters to all those who made the day a success: our Huntsman and his family, the volunteers who helped with kennels maintenance, our judges and honoured guests, and of course the HSC who laid on a fantastic spread of cream tea and Pimms for all!



image0 (2).jpeg

Farmers' Dinner 2022/23 Season

On Friday 21st April, we held our final event of the 2022/23 season - the Farmers' Dinner, organised by Director Jody Massey.

This is a very important night in the events calendar, as we get to thank the farmers, landowners, land managers and gamekeepers for inviting us to cross their land and ensuring the future of Staff College Drag Hunt.

Chairman Ash Hambridge gave a warm welcome to everyone after which we enjoyed a delicious three course dinner provided by the Crown and Cushion pub in their Meade Hall.  After dinner, the Masters presented the End Of Season Awards (results below). The evening ended with a celebration of our wonderful Huntsman, Stephen Hall, who will be moving on to pastures new at the end of this season. We are hugely indebted to Stephen for his exemplary service, loyalty and friendship over 5 fantastic seasons and wish him and his family all the best for their new adventures - they will all be much missed.



This award is for the horse that the Masters would most like to take for a day's drag hunting. The Masters have been carefully casting their eyes over the field this past season and looking out for the horse that always gives their rider a super day out and puts the biggest of smiles on their rider's face.

The nominees were: Hayley Sirett's Unimog, Lottie Crocker's Noddy, Nicki Emersic's Dragon, Vicky Currer-briggs's Beir & Becca Fell's Pato

The Masters chose the winner as Unimog, owned by Hayley Sirett. Unimog (real name Will) is a brave and sturdy hunt horse who has galloped and jumped brilliantly all season, as well as being steady enough for Hayley to ride alongside her son, Tom, on his pony.

hayley unimog masters cup.jpg


This award is for the rider who always puts in 100% effort to look their best on a day out with us. Being correctly attired on a clean, plaited horse is of the utmost importance when drag hunting - it is a sign of respect to the landowners and farmers who's land we are very privileged to cross and it upholds the traditions of our military affiliated pack. Thank you to everyone who makes the effort week in, week out - we know all too well the joys (!) of bathing horses in the winter months and cleaning mud splattered tack and riding kit.

The nominees were: Gemma Beckett, Laura Wright & Fenella Humphries

The Masters are delighted to announce that they have chosen Gemma Beckett as the winner. Gemma always looks fantastic, with not a hair out of place, a perfectly tied stock and polished boots on an immaculate horse who sports the most beautiful, neat plaits. Congratulations Gemma, and thank you for always making such an effort!

gemma best turned out.jpg


There are always a large number of contenders for this award and we thank everyone who has drag hunted, and face-planted from their horse this season! This award can be given to someone who has fallen many times during the season, or to someone who has only fallen off once, but done it with great style.

The nominees were: Ruth Bostock, Isabel Milojevic & Beth Cepollina.

It gives the Masters great pleasure to award the 2022/2023 Tumblers' Cup to Beth Cepollina. Beth has repeatedly eaten dirt this season, but has always got back on board and carried on with a smile! Huge congratulation to Beth and thanks for always being such a good sport!

beth cepolina tumblers.jpg


At Staff College Drag Hunt, we pride ourselves on being inclusive and open to all - whether you are a thruster who likes to ride up front and jump everything, or whether you prefer a more sedate day in the Second Field. The Masters are absolutely delighted that we have so many young followers who can polish and develop their skills, ensuring that drag hunting will have a strong following in years to come. These fierce mini drag hunters have no problem keeping up with the adults with their determination, tenacity and fearless jumping!

The nominees were: Elspeth Martin-Day, Iman Al Zawawi & Catherine Crawford-McLeod


The Masters have chosen Catherine Crawford-McLeod as the winner. Catherine is always beautifully turned out, very polite and enjoys galloping and jumping in the field, all the while observing correct drag hunt etiquette.

catherine best junior.jpg


Staff College Drag Hunt is famous for hunt tea! And that is down to our wonderful followers, who slave over a hot stove in the lead up to each Meet so that we all have something delicious and warming to eat after a day in the field.

The nominees were: Katie Higgo, Roger & Sarah Edmunds, Katy Hayward & Steve Brookman

Despite stiff competition from all the nominees, Sarah & Roger Edmunds just pipped the others to be the Masters' choice for their simply delicious 3 bean Mexican stew with all the trimmings at Elvetham & Herriard. 

Edmunds Best Tea.jpg


We all so enjoy stuffing our faces with delicious cakes after a day’s drag hunting, and this award is for the most delicious cake of the 2022/23 season.

The nominees were: Andi O'Regan, Hayley Sirett & Ellie Osborne

The Masters chose Andi O'Regan as this winner of this award for her delicious coffee cake. When Andi makes this cake you have to be first to the Hunt Tea table to secure a slice as it disappears in seconds!

andi oregan best cakes.jpg


The Masters decided to re-introduce two hound awards for this season, with the trophies going to the person who has sponsored that hound for the season. The winners were chosen by our Huntsman and this year Stephen Hall chose Pendant for the Most Hunted Hound award and Polish for the Best Hunting Hound. Congratulations to Andi O'Regan who sponsored Pendant and Terry & Cherry Vasey who sponsored Polish.

Pendant .jpg


Most Hunted Hound

Sponsored by Andi O'Regan



Best Hunting Hound

Sponsored by Terry & Cherry Vasey


The Masters took great pleasure in awarding Kathy Tuggey and Jason Shirley-Mansell their Hunt Button for services to Staff College Drag Hunt.


For more info on all those awarded their Hunt Button this season, please click here:

Kathy tuggey 2.jpg
jason s m.jpg

How To Come Drag Hunting With Us


We pride ourselves on being an inclusive and friendly drag hunt where everyone is welcome from newcomers to seasoned hunters to children, so don't be scared about trying our sport - it really is the MOST fun you can have on your horse!


1. Bookings are online on the 'Meet Card' page.  If you haven't hunted with us before please email the secretary's for a Discount Code (adults only)

2. Fill in a disclaimer by going to the 'Disclaimer' page on the website - you can fill this in very easily online. We only need one of these per season (not per Meet).

3.  Online Meet Bookings close at 4pm Friday before a Sunday Meet, so make sure you book in time!

4. Download the What3words app onto your phone - we will put up addresses for our Meets, but often the postcode doesn't get you to the right place, but the What3words reference always will!

5. Make sure you know what to wear and how to turn out your horse. As a pack whose history is steeped in the tradition of the British Army, and whose hounds are kennelled at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, we take pride in ensuring that our turnout is correct. Full details are on the 'What To Wear' page of our website. 

6. Read the 'What To Expect' and 'Etiquette' pages of the website so you know how to behave and keep safe.

7. Finally, email Sophie and Tamara if you have any questions and enjoy a fantastic day out!

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