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Subscriptions & Cap For The 2023/2024 Season

Hunting Days: Sundays and Bye Days

If you would like to come drag hunting with us you have a variety of options. Please email Sophie & Tamara our Hunt Secretaries if you would like to subscribe, or buy a book of 10 caps



If you intend to drag hunt regularly, this is by far the best value option. A subscription entitles you to drag hunt on every available day during a full or half season.  Subscriptions for the upcoming season are due from 1st May 2023 and must be paid before you attend your first Meet.

Full season prices:

Adult full season £590
Junior (21 years and under) full season £350

Family full season £855

Half season prices:

Adult half season £350

Junior (21 years and under) half season £200

Family half season £485

Wire money - please pay wire money in advance via bank transfer when you book in with the Secretary. This is a drag hunting tradition and is used for fencing repairs and any cash expenses on the day.

Adults £10
Junior £5
Family £15

Non-riding subscription:

We welcome subscribers who prefer to keep their feet firmly on the the ground! Please email the Hunt Sec for details and benefits of this subscription.




A cap entitles you to drag hunt for one day - a bit like 'pay as you go'.  The number of caps you can buy in a season is unlimited. We offer the facility to buy a book of 10 caps (tickets) which you can use on any day (unless specifically stated on the Meet card). All caps are inclusive of wire money. 


Single caps:
Adult £70

Junior (12 - 21 years old) £45

Child (11 years old and under) £20

Military - please contact the Drag Hunt Secretary

Subscribers from other Hunts - please contact the Drag Hunt Secretary

Book of 10 Caps: £535

Please note: these tickets are non-transferable (can only be used by the named person), not for resale and are to be used in the 2023/2024 season.


Newcomers (Adults Only): (if it's the first time you have come out with us in this or previous seasons) 
1st visit £50 - you must contact the Secretary to notify her that it's your first time.

Thereafter normal rates of cap apply.

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