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Should you 'part company' with your horse this season, you will be invited to make an optional £5 donation (each time you fall off!), with all proceeds being split between money to feed our hounds and a donation to the Air Ambulance. Remember - the tumble the Masters judge to be the most spectacular will be awarded the Tumbler's Cup at the end of the season...so if you're gonna go, go with style!

If you have any photos of Tumblers, please send them to Jess our Hunt Sec to be featured on this page! secretary@staffcollegedraghunt.co.uk

Tumblers' Cup 2019/2020 Season

There are always a large number of contenders for this award and we thank everyone who has drag hunted, and face-planted from their horse, this season!

The winner is the faller that the Masters felt provided the most stylish slither to the ground after coming unseated over the smallest of fences...which made it even funnier. So it gives us great pleasure to award the 2019/2020 Tumblers' Cup to Duncan Green for his fall at Moundsmere. As you can see from the photos, Duncan provided Ellie Osborne with the opportunity to capture the perfect sequence, and he also looked rather pleased with himself afterwards! Huge congratulation to Duncan and thanks for always being such a good sport!

All enquiries to Jessica Telford, Hon. Secretary: secretary@staffcollegedraghunt.co.uk

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