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If you have any photos of Tumblers, please send them to our Hunt Sec to be featured on this page! secretary@staffcollegedraghunt.co.uk

Tumblers 2021/2022 Season

Here are the riders who have joined the Tumblers' Club this season. All horses and riders were unharmed and, once reunited, continued with the drag hunting day.

swans farm sam dolan.JPG

Sammy Dolan

Swan's Farm

swans farm jo burdett 1.JPG
swans farm rider unknown.JPG

Alice Pooley

Swan's Farm

Ashton borough court.JPG

Ashton Caddick

Borough Court

dan gregory opening meet 2.JPG
dan gregory opening meet 1.JPG

Dan Gregory MDH

Opening Meet 

paley street sophie gregory.jpg

Sophie Gregory, Hon Sec

Paley Street

Jo Burdett

Swan's Farm

Tom Sirett elvetham.JPG

Tom Sirett


beth cepollina moundsmere

Beth Cepollina


elspeth minns spencers wood.JPG

Elspeth Minns

Spencers Wood

charlotte bicknell boxing day 2.JPG
charlotte bicknell boxing day 1.JPG

Charlotte Bicknell

Paley Street, Boxing Day

catherine sheppard heckfield.jpg

Catherine Sheppard


Andrew Stuart Boxing Day.JPG

Andrew Stuart

Paley Street, Boxing Day

Ruth Bostock NYD TBC.JPG

Ruth Bostock

Swan's Farm, NYD

Catherine Hardy NYD.JPG

Catherine Hardy

Swan's Farm, NYD

Jason Shirley-Mansell Barossa 2.jpg
Jason Shirley-Mansell Barossa.JPG

Jason Shirley-Mansell


Ash hambridge rotherfield.jpg

Ash Hambridge, Chairman


Gill Forde Rotherfield.JPG

Gill Forde


sammy dolan rotherfield.jpg

Sammy Dolan


Sarah Edmunds moundsmere.jpg

Sarah Edmunds


David Headley moundsmere.jpg

David Headley


Elaine kelly spencers wood.JPG

Elaine Kelly

Spencers Wood

Louise Baird Rotherfield.JPG

Louise Baird


Demi Appleton Rotherfield.JPG

Demi Appleton


Georgette Green Spencers Wood.JPG

Georgette Green

Spencers Wood

Tumblers' Cup 2020/2021 Season


This award can be given to someone who has fallen many times during the season, or to someone who has only fallen off once, but done it with great style.

The nominees were: Sasha Randall, Daveyjoe Smith, Perdy Dabliz, Laura Dickson, Will Kelly, Georgie Warden, Ellie Lethaby.

The winner is the faller that showed supreme commitment to maintaining the correct riding position, even when inverted by 180 degrees.  So it gives the Masters great pleasure to award the 2020/2021 Tumblers' Cup to Perdy Dabliz for her fall over the famous (infamous?) Swan's Farm hedges. As you can see from the photo, Perdy provided Ellie Osborne with the opportunity to capture the perfect riding position, albeit completely upside down. Huge congratulation to Perdy!

perdy dabliz tumbler.jpg

Tumblers' Cup 2019/2020 Season

There are always a large number of contenders for this award and we thank everyone who has drag hunted, and face-planted from their horse, this season!

The winner is the faller that the Masters felt provided the most stylish slither to the ground after coming unseated over the smallest of fences...which made it even funnier. So it gives us great pleasure to award the 2019/2020 Tumblers' Cup to Duncan Green for his fall at Moundsmere. As you can see from the photos, Duncan provided Ellie Osborne with the opportunity to capture the perfect sequence, and he also looked rather pleased with himself afterwards! Huge congratulation to Duncan and thanks for always being such a good sport!

duncan green sequence.jpg
duncan green 2.jpg