Staff College Drag Hunt Supporters' Club

What is the Hunt Supporters' Club?

We are a group of people who have been brought together through a passion for Drag Hunting. Our aim is to put on fantastic and enjoyable social events throughout the year to get everyone from the Drag Hunting community together and also to fund raise to support our wonderful Hunt. During the Hunting season, you can find our members riding in the field, plying everyone with port and sausage rolls at the meets and following round on foot to watch the day. During the Summer, we organise a variety of social events to help everyone keep in touch, for example quiz nights, pub meet ups, clay pigeon shoots, race nights and guided rides to name a few. If this sounds like your idea of fun then please join our ever-growing group of supporters!

If you have any questions about the HSC or any of the events we are running, please feel free to contact Jade at

Committee members:

Kathy Tuggey

Siobhan Brookman

Jade Payne




Barry Seifert

Hon. Chairman