About Your Drag Hunt

The Staff College Drag Hunt has five Masters:

Caroline Bullen MDH

Joint Master

Major Johnny Hathaway-White MDH Joint Master

Ash Hambridge MDH

Joint Master

Jayne Chewter MDH

Joint Master

Captain Daniel Gregory MDH

Joint Master

The Staff College Drag Hunt's Huntsman is Stephen Hall. He is supported by amateur whips.

Stephen Hall


Jessica Telford

Honorary Secretary

Annette Greenhalgh

Company Secretary & Treasurer

Vic Ruffy


The Staff College Drag Hunt is a not for profits limited company with a board of 5 Directors:

Annette Greenhalgh, Vic Ruffy, Caroline Bullen, Johnny Hathaway-White & Ash Hambridge.

All enquiries to Jessica Telford, Hon. Secretary: secretary@staffcollegedraghunt.co.uk

 Staff College Drag Hunt Ltd (Reg Co 12189519) is a Not For Profits Limited Company 
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