About Your Drag Hunt


Ash Hambridge 


The Staff College Drag Hunt has three Masters:

Major Daniel Gregory MDH

Joint Master

dan gregory 2.jpg
jayne 2.jpg

Jayne Chewter MDH

Joint Master

jess 3.jpg

Jess Telford MDH

Joint Master

The Staff College Drag Hunt's Huntsman is Stephen Hall. He is supported by amateur whips.


Stephen Hall


Other key members of the team are:

Annette Greenhalgh

Company Secretary & Treasurer

Sophie gregory.jpg

Major Sophie Gregory

Joint Hon Secretary

Tamara 1.jpg

Tamara Sear

Joint Hon Secretary

jody massey.jpg

Jody Massey


The Staff College Drag Hunt is a not for profits limited company with a board of 3 Directors:

Annette Greenhalgh, Ash Hambridge & Jody Massey