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Remembrance Day - Barossa, Sandhurst GU15
Remembrance Day - Barossa, Sandhurst GU15

Remembrance Day - Barossa, Sandhurst GU15

Lines of optional timber fences follow sandy heathland and forestry tracks where the ground is always good, no matter the weather! A Second Fieldmaster will be available to guide non-jumpers. All riders are asked to wear a poppy. Bookings for this Meet close on Wednesday 8th November. Ok

Time & What3words

12 Nov 2023, 12:30



Robertson House (the Former Army Staff College), RMAS, Camberley, GU15 4NP.

IMPORTANT! Access to the RMA is strictly controlled. When you book in for this Meet, you must tell us:

1. Full names of those attending, including foot followers

2. Car and trailer  / horsebox make and colour

3. Car / horsebox registration number


Failure to provide us with any of the above information means that you will not be allowed access on the day.

Please arrive promptly, but do not arrive before 11:00am.

Once permitted through Staff College Gate barriers, head straight across the junction, up towards the large building to your front.

Parking will be to the rear of the building; turn left to pass along the road to the front of the Staff College.

Once past, take the right-turn signposted 'Alanbrooke Carpark'.

Foot followers:

After the meet, the mounted field will hack directly onto Barossa. If you wish to watch the drag hunt, leave the RMAS by driving back out the gate you came in and heading towards King’s Ride pedestrian gate ///overruns.quoted.salmon.

Park on the road by the gate and then walk / cycle onto Barossa - no cars are permitted. Please note, this is a military residential area, please park considerately and minimise the number of vehicles where possible. You MUST NOT park horseboxes or trailers in this area!

Once you have walked / cycled onto Barossa you will be able to see us at these locations:

End of line 1 (20 min walk): ///trick.stylists.insolvent

End of Line 2/ Start of 3 (5 min walk): ///faced.clutches.zeal

End of Line 3 (10 min walk): ///lurching.elbowed.starfish


  • Caps

    A Cap entitles you to drag hunt for one day. Newcomers - if it is your first time out with us in this or previous Seasons, please email for a discount code. Thereafter normal rates apply. Military - please contact the Drag Hunt Secretary for rates. Subscribers from other Hunts - please contact the Drag Hunt Secretary.

    From £20.00 to £70.00
    Sold Out
    • £70.00
      +£1.75 service fee
    • £45.00
      +£1.13 service fee
    • £20.00
      +£0.50 service fee

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